P&O Drinks Menu 2021

Looking for a P&O drinks menu? You have come to the right place.

You may have booked one of the summer staycation cruises or you want to know if the drinks package offered (read more about that here) is worth your while… we’ll we’ve just come back from a cruise on P&O Britannia and have the drinks prices below. 

Those cruising on P&O Britannia (watch our ship tour here) or P&O Iona will find these useful in deciding if the P&O drinks package is worth it or if you just want to see a P&O menu.

We didn’t get pictures of each menu, so these are just a sample to give you an idea.

Standard Drinks Menu:

P&O Soft Drinks Menu
P&O Soft Drinks Menu
P&O Alcoholic drinks Menu
P&O Alcoholic drinks Menu

Glass House menu:

This was quite disappointing, if you have previously cruised with P&O you will know the manu used to be much larger than this:


P&O Glass House Menu P&O Glass House Menu

P&O Glass House Menu

P&O Iona Drinks Menu – Crows Nest

We hope this has been helpful in helping you find out what the prices of drinks are on a P&O cruise and if the drinks package is good value or not.