Why Choose a P&O cruise?

Want to know why others love P&O? You have come to the right place.

When you book a P&O cruise, you will receive the following as part of the package:

  • Full board accommodation
  • Daytime and evening entertainment
  • Sports facilities
  • Access to swimming pools
  • Children’s clubs
  • Loyalty scheme that offers money off onboard purchases after 15 nights.

P&O also offer themed cruises like the Strictly Come Dancing cruises or Food Heros Cruises with the likes of James Martin, Marco Pierre White, Atul Kochhar, Olly Smith and Eric Lanard onboard.

Great ey? Wait, there’s more…

I decided to ask the P&O Fans group what their reasons were, and was overwhelmed by the responses. Just take a look at some of the reasons below:

  • Tea making facilities – You can make a cup of tea or coffee in your cabin “Love my morning tea in bed”
  • Southampton sailings “Means 1 suitcase for him and 3 for me”
  • “The prices onboard are not only in Stirling, they’re also priced sensibly”
  • “Drinks are a lot cheaper than American ships”
  • “The P&O image, love the service”
  • “Tipping every server every time is not expected”
  • Majority of cruisers onboard are British
  • “Cruised with them since 2004, I love their ships, décor, service and atmosphere”
  • Relaxed feel
  • UK plug sockets
  • 11 cruises in… “Never had to complain”
  • Family cruising, “Caters for generations”
  • Britishness from “the British Pub to the Great British cheesy sail away”
  • “Feels like home away from home”
  • “Convenient, good value and varied dining options”
  • “Low gratuities and reasonably priced drinks”
  • You can take your own alcohol onboard for cabin consumption
  • P&O have some smaller “proper cruise ships not great big mega floating resorts”
  • “No gimmicks, just comfortable accommodation, good food and British beer, with excellent service”
  • “Fantastic accommodation, service, food, entertainment, staff and variety of things to do”
  • “My first ever cruise was with P&O, so impressed with my experience I wouldn’t sail with any other company”
  • No service charge added on top of drinks – also a loyalty scheme which means “I get 8.5% off reasonable priced drinks”

We have recently been following @emmacruises on her P&O Britannia cruise.  She has put together a fabulous article of 8 must do things (and 2 should do)  on Britannia, take a look at https://cruisingisntjustforoldpeople.co.uk/2018/06/27/po-britannia-activities to find out more.

So, there you have it, there are lots of things to love about P&O.

If you are new to P&O or thinking of taking your first cruise with them, I really hope you enjoy it as much as the rest of us do!