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We are on our first MSC cruise, sailing on the MSC Preziosa around Northen Europe from Southampton.

Our itinnary is as follows:

Southampton > Zeebrugge > Amsterdam >Hamburg > Le Harve > Southampton.

Look out for updates below… please note that updates will be done using my phone so I appologoe for auto correct failures, I will write a new post once home.

Wednesday 19:00

So far so good. Embarkation went smoothly, we were waiting in City Terminal for an hour or so before getting onboard. Strange to us that security is done first, then check-in where they check your passport then you board where they take your picture and check your passport again.

Muster was at 5, slightly chaotic but was done in 10 minutes so can’t complain.

First impression is that Presiosa is a very stylish ship! Check out my twitter for Pics. The stair case is amazing! And the facilities for icle ones seen great!

We have been assigned late sitting, which is 20:30. Tonight is informal, so we are just getting ready for that.

Have had a little explore of the ship and starting to get our bearings.

Please check back tomorrow for updates or visit our twitter (at the top) of this page.

Thursday 13:00

Today we are in the port of Zeebrugge.

Last night we sampled a few bars and had dinner in the MDR. The food was ok. We’d heard portions were small, but we found them just right.

Pre bedtime snacks were pizza, it’s really nice!

After a really comfortable nights sleep, we woke up to see our sister ship pass us:

After a breakfast of meat and cheese, we have decided to try out the gym to burn some much needed calories.


Friday 13:00

Today we were due to arrive at Amsterdam, but unfortunately due to strong winds we are instead going to Rotterdam. We are due to arrive at 15:00 and MSC are providing a free shuttle to the city centre. We plan to get a train to Amsterdam for an explore.



Last night was gala night, I was pleasantly surprised how many did dress up for the occasion. There was live opera style singing in the atrium, this was a nice touch.



The food in the main dining room was much better than the previous night. Our waiter is a great guy, happy and smiley, what more could you want?



Being gala night we had some baked Alaska’s paraded around with a candle on the top before a walk through of the chefs in the MDR.

We then watched some performances by the entertainment team in the Safari lounge – before doing a bar crawl to the Galaxy disco.


This morning I ventured to the buffet for breakfast… very very busy but I bagged myself some tasty pastries and fruit.

Currently sat in a very busy El Cappuccino writing this up 🙂



We arrived in Rotterdam about 3pm Friday. As we were really looking forward to Amsterdam and had not researched in to Rotterdam so we decided to take the train from the Central station to Amsterdam. This worked out about 30euro return per person – the train journey to Amsterdam central was about 70minutes.



Arriving about 5pm, Amsterdam was wet so we decided to get on a canal boat tour to keep dry and make the most of daylight. The hour tour was 16euro and we found it really informative – there would have been no way to fit in all the sightseeing otherwise.



After the boat tour – we headed in to the streets of Amsterdam, taking in the nightlife and having a few beers.



We have to say we loved Amsterdam, gutted we didn’t get to dock there but glad we took the train, we will be back!



We arrived back at the ship at midnight and headed to the buffet for a few slices of pizza. It’s was really busy and didn’t feel too late. We decided on an early and sober night, fresh heads for the morning.





We left port about 9am, we decided to head up to the buffet breakfast, a shot of coffee and then hit the gym for 20 minutes – every little helps 😉



So thoughts so far?
The ship is faultless, modern, stylish and beautiful. Our room is kept clean and tidy, the only thing we have found is there is not much space to hang clothes, no big issue. Buffet food is good, pizza amazing!


MDR service is efficient, won waiting for drinks – food quality on the first night was ok but the second night was much improved and what we are used to on a cruise.


The drinks are strong! Coffee is also stunning – best I’ve had on a ship.

All the staff we have spoken to seem friendly and helpful, they also seem happy and relaxed.


On Saturday, for lunch we visited Bar Pasticceria Gelateria in the Plaza for coffee and a selection of sweet treats (about 6euro a plate) – sugar and caffeine rush!


The evening meal in the MDR was ok this evening, mussels to start was Veal stew for main. The sweet was birthday cake as one of our friends was having their birthday.


We spent the evening in the bars listening to the live performances.


We have now woken up in Hamburg, so we will have some breakfast and an explore.


Sunday 20:00

Fabulous weather in Hamburg today. We got a taxi in to town and had a coffee and a wander around. Last time we came it was snowing, so it was nice to have the sun shining 🙂


There was confusion on the all aboard time, staff gave us different answers and the signs were different. We played it safe and got back early.


We spent some time in the hot tubs and a few G&T’s. Tonight we are eating in the Galaxy restaurant.



Tuesday 10:00

Guess where we are? We are back in Zeebrugge – due to strikes in France. This time MSC have put a free shuttle on so we will pop out to have a walk around and burn off some calories.

Last night was formal, so the tux had another airing! Food in the MDR was very nice.

During the day yesterday we just explored the ship, stopping by the shops and sinking a few beers. We also experienced coaster canyon on the 4D cinema, that was a fun five minutes.

We arrive back in Southampton tomorrow, no info yet on how it all works but I assume it’s cases out by 12 tonight.

Tonight we are heading to Eataly, which I’m quite looking forward to.


Wednesday 08:30

We are back in Southampton! Now feeling sad to have to be disembarking. Our cases were out by one and we have to leav the room for 8:30. Out allocated time to get off the ship is 9:30, so time for a coffee.


If you have read read all this, thank you! Sorry about spelling and etc, doing this on a iPhone wasn’t easy.


I will write up a comprehensive review and we will also get some photos up here soon, Luke will be making a video too.