P&O Azura’s little secret

Some call it the clam shell, others the beak, so where and what is this magical place on Azura?

If you have seen pictures of Azura you will see she has what appears to be a walkway around the front/bow of the ship. If you step out on to her promenade deck and walk all the way forward, unlike Ventura where you will find stairs to this area, Azura’s prom just ends!

Fans of Azura know how to get to this secret area (and may not be impressed with me letting this secret out of the bag), but it’s really easy!

From the prom deck, go inside and up the forwardmost stairs. Now walk forward towards cabins E102/104/101/103. Once there, just around the corner you will see heavy doors. Open these, like I said – they are heavy and need a good push especially if windy… and be ready to be amazed!

This plan may help:

So there you have it, if you want a quiet area to watch sail away or take some pictures, this is (or was) the place to be!

Next time you are on Azura, be sure to hunt it out… here’s a little picture of what to expect:

Now why not take a look at our Azura video at – some of the footage was filmed from this location.