Back to back cruising

Did you know you don’t have to get off when a cruise ends? You can stay on and do the next one if you want… you don’t even have to stow away and hide, you just need to book it and do what they call a back to back cruise!

Some cruise lines even offer a generous discount if doing 2 or more cruises back to back, they may have certain requirements like both need to be 7 or more days.

We did a back to back cruise on P&O Britannia. We first did 7 nights in the Norwegian Fjords for our honeymoon; then to celebrate friends joined us to do a mini cruise to Guernsey.

This was amazing as it means friends could come and join in the celebrations and our cruise lasted a bit longer.

So how does it work?

Well for us it was easy, we contacted P&O and made sure we booked the same room for both cruises. This may seem obvious, but you can save money if you don’t want to stay in the same room. You will need to move rooms, they will help by taking your drawers for you and a mobile clothes rail – but we really didn’t fancy that.

On the final night of the first cruise were had a letter for ‘in transit passengers’ advising us to pop to reception in the morning to collect our new boarding cards.

We waited until the morning reception rush was over and picked up our cards – and then we had the ship to ourselves! Well not quite, but it was very quiet with most things closed.

We had a little explore to get some more pictures and before we knew it, things were opening up and passengers started embarking.

Seeing our friends in the window of Ocean terminal made us really excited, we couldn’t wait to welcome them onboard.

It is worth noting, sometimes the ship has to be deep cleaned if there has been an increase of Noro onboard – in these cases you will be required to disembark so they can complete this process.

So back to back cruising is that easy… if you can afford it why not extend that holiday and give it a try!