Make money back when you buy a cruise!

Cashback sites pay you when you make a purchase, they have been around for years and cover anything from online gifts, insurance services or even a CRUISE!

I’ve seen questions raised about cashback sites, so thought I would write up this article to hopefully help explain what they are and how they work.  I’ve included links to two big ones, Quidco* and TopCashBack* – if you are not already a member, I suggest you join! 

What are Cashback sites?

When you buy something online or sign up for a service via a cashback site, the cashback site is paid a fee for referring you.  Cashback sites pass on a large part of their earnings to you rather than keeping it to themselves – essentially paying you for something you were going to buy anyway.


How do they work?

Firstly, you need to join a cashback website – we use Quidco and TopCashBack as they are really good at paying out.  Both these sites are free, but also offer a premium service for a small annual fee. 

Now when you shop online, check on the cashback sites to see if they offer anything back for your purchase.  If they do, click the link – this link is  then tracked to your purchase.

Each retailer has different time frames for their pay-outs, but what will happen is once the transaction is tracked and confirmed, you should get paid your cashback in to your account.  You can then get this transferred to your Bank or receive it in the form of gift cards – the choice if yours.


What’s this got to do with Cruising?

I could hear you asking… Well by checking on the cashback sites, you may actually get paid to book your cruise! Yes, you read that correctly.  When we booked our last cruise directly with P&O we had about 5% back!  It’s always worth checking – especially if you shop online or buy your Car/Home/Travel insurance online.

When we last checked, the following ‘cruise’ retailers offer cash back via the Cashback sites mentioned in this article:

P&O Cruises
Princess Cruises
Royal Caribbean Cruises
City Cruises London River Tours
Thomas Cook
Fred Olsen Cruise Lines
Cruise Nation


Where do I sign up?

It’s best to join both and compare which one will give you the most cashback each time as they do change up and down.

Quidco – We’ve been using this site since 2009, support is really good.

TopCashBack – We only joined this last year but have had a couple of pay outs and sometimes they offer a better cashback rate than Quidco.


So, there you have it, if your planning to buy anything online, check if you can get some Cashback, think of it as your cruise fund! There a loads of different cashback sites, so check them out and find your favourite! Just remember, cashback isn’t guaranteed, so check the T&C on the cashback side.


*Referral bonus is offered by the cashback site, please check their terms and conditions. The links above are referral links so we get a small referral bonus that will be used to maintain this site.  You can visit the sites directly which will remove all bonuses at and