P&O Drinks Packages Explained – 2021 prices

Updated Summer 2021 after the cruise restart: Since May 2019, P&O Drinks packages have been offered across the fleet on cruises totalling 5 nights or more.

We have created this handy guide to simply explain each package along with some ‘need to knows’ that you find in the small print, so that you can find out if the P&O drinks package is worth the cost. Also, further down you will find a selection of current drinks prices, so you can work out if one of the drinks packages is for you.

As big fans of P&O, we are pleased to see they have finally introduced drinks packages as for us it will make budgeting much easier as the packages offer great value for money – are the P&O drinks packages worth it? For us it’s a no brainer, they are definitely worth it.

Remember the prices quoted may change, but this are the current prices and before loyalty discount.  Loyalty discount is also applied to Drinks Packages, so it may be cheaper depending on your status in the Peninsular Club.

P&O Drinks Packages explained:

The ultimate drinks package – £39.95pp per day

  • Beers, spirits, cocktails, liqueurs and wines by the glass retailing up to £6.95 per (wine is classified as 175ml for still wine, 125ml for Sparkling wine and 75ml or 50ml for Fortified and Dessert wines. Spirits will be served in single measures only with a draught soda or long-life juice mixer).
  • Bottled water (500ml only), draught soft drinks, long life juices, primo Costa coffees, teas, hot chocolates, non-alcoholic cocktails.
  • 20% discount on the following excluded items: any drinks retailing above £6.95, all bottles of wine, large bottles of water, canned or bottled premium soft drinks or juices and smoothies.
  • A big bonus is that a children’s package is also included.
  • Alcoholic drinks are limited to 15 beverages per 24-hour period (6 am to 6 am).  Those drinking more than 15 drinks will be charged full price.
  • Ordering a double shot or a large glass of wine is not permitted under the programme as it counts as two drinks.
  • Drinks over £6.95 will be charged at full price


The Non-alcoholic drinks package – £19.95pp per day

  • The package includes bottled water (500ml only), draught soft drinks, long life juices, primo Costa coffees, teas, hot chocolates, non-alcoholic cocktails.
  • 20% discount on the following excluded items: large bottles of water (750ml/1.5l), canned or bottled premium soft drinks or juices and smoothies, large/medio sized coffee and hot chocolate.


The Hot drinks package – £10.95pp per day

  • Unlimited primo sized “Costa” coffees, hot chocolate and “teapigs” teas.
  • 20% discount on large/medio coffee or hot chocolate.


The Children’s drinks package – £7.95pp per day

  • Draught soft drinks (Pepsi, Lemonade, Tonic and Soda), selected long life juices, primo size hot chocolate and fruit squash/cordial by the glass.


Important P&O Drinks Packages Terms

  • When purchasing the drinks package, all adults sharing the cabin must purchase it. One adult is unable to purchase and share with another.  Children’s packages come free with the Ultimate Drinks package but if purchased separately a package must be purchased for all the children in that cabin.
  • The package will be offered on the first two days of the cruise and must be purchased for the remaining duration of the cruise.  If you purchase it on day two, you will only pay for the remaining days but will still be charged for drinks on day 1.
  • Only one drink at a time may be ordered.
  • There is a minimum 15 minute wait time between ordering drinks.
  • Room Service, Mini Bar and self service drinks are excluded.

Special Offers

Some people have mentioned offers of 7 nights for the price of 6 or 14 for the price of 12.  This seems to be random, not all ships or cruises will have them.  We sailed on Arcadia in July (read about that here) and there was no special offer.


Current Drinks Prices (July 2021)

So that you can get an idea if the packages offer value for money, here are some current drinks prices:

  • Draught Beer (Pint) From £4.75
  • Bottle Beer From £4.50 (Corona, Budwiser, Estrella, Brewdog Punk IPA)
  • Wine 125ml £5.25 – £6.50
  • Prosecco £6.00
  • Gin (25ml) from £4.00
  • Whiskey from £.75
  • Jack Daniels £4.00
  • Aperol Spritz £7.95
  • GT&E £7.95
  • Mojito £6.95
  • Martinis £7.95
  • Passionstar Martini £7.95
  • Primo Costa from £2.45
  • Mocktails £3.45
  • Pepsi or Lemonade Regular £2.25
  • Water (330ml) £1.95


See the 2021 menu by clicking hereclicking here.


We hope you found this useful, if you need further information and full terms and conditions of the packages, head over to the P&O website https://www.pocruises.com


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