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Isafjordur and Whale watching

In this post, we will tell you about what we got up to in Isafjordur!

This above vlog was filmed during our 14-night cruise to Norway, Iceland and Ireland. You can also watch our vlog on our YoutTube channel at


Isafjordur (Ísafjörður)

When docking in Isafjordur, you may be berthed alongside or tendered.  On this occasion we would be tendering in to port.


What Watching excursion

We had a whale watching excursion booked with It was a fabulous 2.5-3 hour trip on the old converted fishing boat called Ölver. Once we tendered to Isafjordur, it was only a few hundred meters to walk to find the start point.

It started off cold but once we’d gone further out to sea it was beautiful. We were lucky enough to see porpoises, puffins and even a glimpse of a whale! Our guide was very knowledgeable and we would really recommend this excursion to anyone visit who is stuck on what to do.


Isafjordur 3d Crossing
Isafjordur 3d Crossing

We also took a look at the 3D crossing which was cool!


Hopefully this has given you some idea of what to do if visiting this beautiful port – just remember to book in advance if you want to do the excursion as it can fill up quick (there were 3 ships in the day we visited).


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