MSC Status Match – shift your loyalty!

If you are booking your first MSC cruise, read on to find out about MSC Status Match and Voyagers Club.


Many cruisers have their favourite cruise line and build up a loyalty to that company. It’s the same for many things, you become loyal. Companies lure you in with loyalty benefits, discounts, a free drink or priority boarding.

Moving to a different cruise line will mean you start at the bottom, they don’t recognise you, after all you are loyal to someone else.

They should be trying to entice you, shouldn’t they?

MSC Status Match Explained

This is exactly what MSC’s Status Match does. They recognise your loyalty to other brands and if you cruise with them they will match your level within their ‘Voyagers Club’ with the cruise line you feel most loyal to.

It’s a great way to get free perks. At the top tier elsewhere? MSC will match it! It’s a great idea to make you feel welcome and it’s great marketing.

So, if you have built up loyalty to another cruise line or hotel chain, make sure you check out MSC Status Match before you cruise.

We cruised with MSC on Preziosa and have Bellissima booked, due to our Status Match we got a 5% discount on the cruise price for both. But you could be matched at even higher levels and get more free things such as Priority Boarding, Canapes or even a chocolate ship! Full details of the benefits of being part of the MSC Voyagers Club can be found at

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To apply for the MSC Status Match, all you will need is proof of your current level, usually you can get this from the Cruise Lines website and then head over to the MSC website:


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