Count down to our Cunard Queen Mary 2 cruise

Tick-tock… In just under three months we will be embarking on a mini Cunard Queen Mary 2 voyage. Once we get under 90 days, we know the count down is on. 

Queen Mary 2 Aft

The iconic transatlantic crossing?

We wish! We wanted to do a westbound transatlantic crossing with a few nights in New York, but instead opted for a 3 days cruise to Belgium and back.

“That’s a bit of a difference” you say? Well it was more in keeping with our budget and work schedule to be honest – so for now the transatlantic remains on our bucket list.

We last sailed on Cunard Queen Mary 2 in 2014, it was our second ever cruise and we loved it!  I still remember arriving in the QE II terminal that day, blown away by the scale of the huge ship in front of us!

Queen Mary 2

She is beautiful and full of artwork, the corridors are lined with information boards detailing the history behind Cunard. Then you have the planetarium that offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the solar system.

Cunard have a range on on board speakers that form part of their ‘Insight Talks’. These take place in the Theater and on our last Cunard cruise we attended the talks by Maureen Ryan – an Ex-Assistant Purser and Social Hostess on Cunard.  She had some great stories from days gone by and was really interesting to listen to.  She is due on this cruise also, so we may pop along.  Another guest speaker we will have on this cruise is Howard Cook, Author and Pilot.

As well as the daily activities, one thing you have to do when on a Cunard ship is sample their afternoon tea. We don’t normally dress up in the day, but there is something special about afternoon tea on a Cunard ship so we always wear our smart clothes to attend!  Sitting in the Queens Room, with a string quartet playing and being served finger sandwiches and cakes and unlimited supply of tea is pure bliss!

Since our last visit in 2014, Cunard Queen Mary 2 has undergone a massive refit so we are really looking forward to seeing what they have done. It’s been a couple of years since her ‘remastering’ but we’re still excited to see it.


Please follow us on our adventure

We’re off to Belgium but we are unlikely to get off the ship as we’ll want to soak up the experience on board. We will make our way around the venues and take part in some of the daily activities which we hope we can share with you as we will be posting on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook throughout the cruise. 


commodores cuffl inks queen mary 2


If there is anything in particular you want to see while we are on board – let us know! We’re not Grills so won’t have access to that area unless someone wants to give us a tour? 

Don’t forget, check out our About page for a list of our past and future cruises.

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