P&O Arvia Swimming pools – Q&A

If you like an early morning dip, a splash about in the day or want to work off some of those cruise calories, P&O Arvia has a great selection of swimming pools, in this post we will attempt to answer all your questions about P&O Arvia swimming pools!

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Does P&O Arvia have swimming pools?

There are four swimming pools on Arvia, excluding the spa, these are located on deck 16 and 18.

On deck 18 you will find the Beachcomber pool and the Panorama pool. On deck 16 you will find the SkyDome pool and the Infinity Pool.

Does Arvia have a Swim up bar?

Yes it does, you will find the the Swim Up Bar which is next to the Infinity Pool on deck 16.

P&O Arvia Swim up bar and pool
P&O Arvia Swim up bar and pool

How deep are the pools on Arvia and how big are they?

In general, the deep end of each pool will be 94cm when at sea, 140cm when in port. The shallow end will be 84cm when at sea, 130cm when in port.

  • Beachcomber Pool = 6.95 metres x 4.2 metres
  • Panorama Pool =7.8 metres x 3 metres
  • SkyDome Pool = 11.5 metres x 3.8 metres
  • Infinity Pool = 8 metres x 3.8 metres

Does Arvia have an indoor Pool?

The SkyDome Pool has a retractable roof which means it functions both as an indoor and outdoor pool.

P&O Arvia SkyDome Pool
P&O Arvia SkyDome Pool

Can children and toddlers use the pools on Arvia?

Children are welcome to use the family-friendly pools. Due to public health regulations, children in nappies, swim nappies, pull-ups, or who are not completely toilet-trained are only permitted to use the children’s water play area, Splash Valley (Deck 18, aft) and Panorama Pool (Deck 18 aft).

What is the temperature of the pools on Arvia?

P&O state the temperature of the swimming pools is monitored and we maintain the pool temperatures at an average of 29°C. During our cruise on P&O Arvia we did find the temperatures did vary slightly.

What type of water is used in the pools?

As with swimming pools ashore, P&O use fresh water, although we found there seems to be less chlorine in the pools than you’d find in pools on land.

What times are the pools open on Arvia?

During our Caribbean cruise, pools were open 8am until 8pm. Times may vary, so you should check the daily Horizon newspaper. 

Cruise Monkey Luke in the Beachcomber Pool
Cruise Monkey Luke in the Beachcomber Pool

Do I need to bring a pool towel?

P&O provide pool towels free of charge.  These are usually found in your room and also clean towels and dirty towel bins can be found on deck in the pool areas.

Are pool hoists available?

A pool hoist is available on P&O Arvia, however, there is only one pool hoist for the whole ship that can be moved from pool to pool as all pools have the hoist attachment. The chair hoist has a weight limit 136kg. 


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