Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

We just wanted to wish all our followers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Please stay safe everyone!

Here’s our little YouTube video we released last week.

Well update this page with our year in review next week (between eating mince pies and drinking lovely wine!).

So its got to New Years eve – we’ve work our way through lots of wine and mince pies and now as I sit here I try not to think of the negatives of 2020.  Yes its been a cr@p year in general, so some a very difficult one, but one thing we have learnt this year it to appreciate what we have not not take anything for granted.

We’ve been very lucky this year, we managed to head to the Caribbean in January, adopted a wonderful pup and even though work hasn’t always gone to plan, we are still here ready to grab 2021 by the doo-dahs and make the most of it! 

The next few months will be tough for everyone, so look after yourselves and your loved ones. Pick up the phone, Zoom or Skype them, shout over the fence to your neighbours, just check in with people, it really will mean the world to them.

Finally, thanks to everyone who has supported us in 2020, from our Zoom calls, dropping us messages checking in and etc, it really is appreciated. We wont name everyone but you all know who you are – so thank you!

We’ll see you in 2021!

Stay safe! 

Gav & Luke