Reasons to cruise with P&O Cruises

Anyone that follows us will know we love to cruise with P&O, ever since our first cruise on P&O Aurora we’ve just kept going back.

We have sailed on Arcadia, Aurora, Azura, Britannia, Ventura, Oceana, and the now-retired Oriana. We were booked to sail on the maiden voyage of P&O Iona too, but unfortunately, that is no longer happening. Once things return to normal, we will look at booking a cruise on Iona ASAP.

We have written this post to tell you the reasons we and so many others love to cruise with P&O Cruises.

Reasons to cruise with P&O Cruises

About P&O

P&O has a history of over 180 years, the oldest cruise line in the world. Now owned by Carnival Corporation, P&O UK is distinctly different from its sister brand P&O Australia.

It has ship sizes that range from small ships such as Aurora to their bigger ones such as Ventura and Britannia.
If you are looking for a traditional, British cruise line, where you can take family holidays or an Adults only cruise, P&O will have a ship that suits you.

Ship Tours

Check out our ship tour videos and vlogs on our Youtube channel. For your convenience, we’ve linked to our ship tour videos below.

No Service Charges

P&O cruises no longer charge a daily service charge, so that’s one less thing to worry about and budget.
Unlike other cruise lines that add a percentage on top of purchases – P&O don’t, so what you are at a bar, the price you see if the price you pay.

Great Value

Following on from the Service Charges, you will find the P&O offer amazing value. The prices of their cruises are competitive and once onboard you will find the prices in the bars, restaurants, and shops are quite reasonable compared to some other cruise lines.
P&O also offers a very competitive drinks package – for more information on that and to look at sample drinks prices, check out a post we did covering that here.


Everyone loves food, and with P&O we’ve had some superb meals. The main dining room is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with freedom or set dining options. The buffet offers a great selection or those in a rush can use the Grab and Go on selected ships.
It’s the speciality dining that shines through, The Glass House, Sindhu, and The Epicurean being our favourite haunts.

Loyalty Program

After 15 nights sailing, you will join Peninsular club, which offers a range of benefits, the main one being a 5% discount on anything you purchase onboard! The more you cruise, the more the benefits increase.

Southampton Sailings

When we think of P&O we think British! With a huge amount of Southampton sailing, those who want their holiday to begin straight away or can’t pack light may find that P&O makes cruising easy and convenient from Southampton.

On board currency

You won’t need to work out any exchange rates, everything you purchase onboard is in British Pounds!

Kettles in the room

The British love a brew – in each cabin you will find tea and coffee making facilities. No waiting for room service or sneaking off to the buffet to grab a brew to bring back to the room. A little tip, your steward will replenish the biscuits daily, so keep them in the drawer.


So there you have it, just some of the reasons why we love P&O Cruises.

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