New P&O Drinks Package explained!

In this post we will explain the new P&O Cruises Drinks Package that has launched, giving you a reason to say ‘cheers’ to your holiday!

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For a fixed price per person, per day, the P&O’s Drink Packages offer something to suit every taste. From Pepsi to refresh you by the pool to toasting another mouth-watering meal with a glass of red in the Med, P&O have got you covered. Simply choose your favourite package, sit back and relax whilst you sip the days away.

P&O’s drinks packages are available on cruises of five nights or more. Log in to My P&O Cruises up to three days before your holiday to get the best P&O drinks package for you. Or if you’d like to wait until you’re on board, you can get your drinks package within the first two nights of your holiday. However, please note that sharing of packages isn’t permitted, so each adult sharing a cabin must buy the same drinks package individually.

The Packages

P&O Drinks Packages
P&O Drinks Packages

Refresh drinks package

With classic fizzy drinks like R.Whites Lemonade and Pepsi to your choice of orange, pineapple and apple juice, this package is perfect for your daily refreshment from poolside to the bar.

Price before your holiday: £9.85 | On-board price: £10.95 (Per person, per day)

Alcohol-free drinks package

The P&O Alcohol-free package includes everything from the Refresh package, plus lattes, cappuccinos or teapigs™ from Costa Coffee, 0% Heineken, Tanqueray, Torres and wine, still or sparkling water (330ml) and some non-alcoholic cocktails.

Price before your holiday: £22.45 | On-board price: £24.95 (Per person, per day)

Classic drinks package

The P&O Classic drinks package includes everything from the Refresh and Alcohol-free drinks packages, plus even more. From Piña Coladas and Mai Tais to your pick of Smirnoff Vodka, Bell’s Whisky, P&O’s exclusive Marabelle Gin and Golden Tide Rum, and a choice of Heineken, Birra Moretti or John Smith’s for the beer-lovers, you’re spoilt for choice.

Price before your holiday: £40.45 | On-board price: £44.95 (Per person, per day)

Deluxe drinks package

The P&O Deluxe drinks package includes the same selection as all other packages and then some more! Delight in P&O’s most popular brands like Grey Goose and Salcombe Gin, as well as an extended selection of cocktails, including a fresh Aperol Spritz or Sunset Cooler.

Price before your holiday: £49.45 | On-board price: £54.95 (Per person, per day)

What’s included

What's Included in the P&O Drinks Package
What’s Included in the P&O Drinks Package

Purchase and Availability

  • Drinks Packages are available on cruises of 5 nights or longer.
  • Drinks Packages can be purchased in advance of your cruise via My P&O Cruises
    or on board during the first 2 days of your cruise.
  • If you purchase a Drinks Package on board, you will only pay for the day of purchase and
    the remaining days of your cruise.
  • Drinks Packages must be purchased for the entire duration of your cruise.
    They cannot be purchased on a per-day basis.
  • Classic and Deluxe Drinks Packages may only be purchased by adult guests. Adult guests
    are guests over the age of 18, or over the age of 21 if your cruise visits USA or UAE waters.
  • Any guests aged 17 years must purchase either a Refresh or Alcohol-Free Drinks Package
    when any adults in the same cabin purchase a Classic or Deluxe Drinks Package.

Limits and Use

  • The same Drinks Package must be purchased by guests aged over 18 years sharing a cabin.
  • A complimentary Refresh Drinks Package will be provided to guests aged 16 or under where
    all adults travelling in the same cabin have purchased a Classic or Deluxe Drinks Package.
  • All Drinks Packages are limited to 15 drinks per guest in any 24-hour period, starting
    each day at 6am.
  • P&O Cruises reserves the right to refuse the service of alcohol at any time in accordance with
    P&O’s policy for the Responsible Service of Alcohol. This requires bar staff not to serve guests
    they believe to be intoxicated.
  • Only one drink may be ordered at a time. All drink orders must be at least 15 minutes apart.
  • Guests can only use their own Drinks Package to order drinks. Sharing or transferring
    Drinks Packages is not permitted.
  • Some drinks are excluded from Drinks Packages. See the Exclusions section for details.


  • Peninsular Club loyalty discounts apply to purchases of all Drinks Packages both via
    My P&O Cruises and on board.
  • Classic and Deluxe Drinks Packages entitle guests to a 20% discount on drinks not included
    in their package or ordered above the 15-drink limit. Drinks that qualify for the 20% discount
    are shown in the 20% Discount Offer table. Discount is applied against the full menu price.

Terms of Use

  • Pre-Cruise purchases of Drinks Packages must be made at least 3 days before the departure
    date of your cruise.
  • Drinks Packages purchased pre-cruise can be cancelled no later than 3 days before
    departure. In this event, a full refund will be applied to the credit/debit card used to make
    the purchase.
  • Drinks Packages purchased on board may not be cancelled once purchased.
  • P&O Cruises reserves the right to refuse service of alcoholic drinks to guests who appear
    under the age of 18 or 21.
  • Drink selections and service hours are limited to each on board venue’s menu and
    operating hours.
  • All bottles and cans will be served opened.
  • For cruises starting outside the UK, Drinks Packages sold on board may be subject to a local
    tax. These charges will be applied to the price of a Drinks Package at the point of purchase.
  • Individual drinks included in a Drinks Package are subject to availability. P&O Cruises may
    substitute any drink(s) included in a Drinks Package for an alternative product of comparable
    or greater value. No refunds will be given in the event a substitution is made.
  • P&O Cruises reserves the right to make additional exclusions or further reasonable limitations
    to Drinks Packages at any time.
  • In exceptional circumstances, P&O Cruises may withdraw Drinks Packages from a cruise
    entirely. In this event, a full or pro-rata refund will be offered to guests and P&O Cruises will not
    be liable for any other costs or expenses incurred.
  • The price of Drinks Packages purchased on board may differ from the price payable
    pre-cruise. P&O Cruises is not obligated to reduce the on board price to match any price
    available in advance of your cruise. If the on board price is lower, partial refunds for Drinks
    Packages purchased in advance will not be given.
  • P&O Cruises reserves the right to change the price of the drinks or the Drinks Packages at any
    time. If a Drinks Package has been booked and paid for, the price paid will not change.

All Drinks Packages exclude the following:

  • All Signature whiskies, cognac and rums
  • Bottles of wine, Champagne or spirits
  • Selected glasses of fine wine
  • Large bottled water
  • Freakshakes
  • Seven Wonders cocktails / Seven Treasures cocktails in Amber and Emerald Bar
  • Exclusive Cocktails in Anderson’s Bar
  • Drinks sold in shops on board
  • Wine, beer and spirit flights or buckets of beer
  • Drinks provided via self-service or vending machines
  • Room service orders
  • In-cabin water orders
  • Mini-bar items
  • The Retreat menu items
  • For guests under the age of 18, non-alcoholic beers, wines, spirits and Red Bull are not available
  • Use at special events such as P&O Cruises cocktail parties, wedding receptions
    or similar pre-booked private events.
  • Other than Peninsular Club loyalty discounts, Drinks Packages may not be combined with any
    other programmes, promotions, or on-board specials offers, or applied toward speciality dining
    cover charges. They may not be used with any ‘Buy One Get One Free’ or multi-buy offers or
    used as part of any guest experiences (such as Wine Tastings, Cocktail Masterclasses or Spirit
    Masterclasses). The Classic Drinks Package also excludes spirits served in 50ml measures, wine
    served in 250ml measures and medium size Costa Coffee products. If your cruise ends in the UK,
    customs restrictions require that only non-alcoholic drinks are available once the ship has
    entered UK waters prior to disembarkation.

Go live dates:


Cruise code


Arcadia J306N 06 June 2023
Arvia K311 28 May 2023
Aurora R311 22 June 2023
Azura A319/A 06 July 2023
Britannia B315 09 June 2023
Iona G315 20 May 2023
Ventura N313 20 May 2023

How to purchase a new drinks package:

You can purchase the drinks packages on My P&O Cruises immediately after booking your cruise and up to three days prior to departure, where they will receive 10% discount. Or you can purchase the packages on board during the first two days of your holiday. However, please note this will be at full price, with no discounts for on-board purchases.

Will children still receive a complimentary package when an adult in the same cabin purchases a drinks package?

Yes, all guests aged 16 years old or under will receive a complimentary Refresh Drinks Package when a qualifying adult in the same cabin has purchased a Classic or Deluxe Drinks Package. Any guests aged 17 years old must purchase an Alcohol-Free or Refresh Package when any adult guests purchase an alcoholic package.

Can adults purchase the Refresh Drinks package?

Yes, the new P&O Refresh Package that has an incredible selection of soft drinks can be purchased and enjoyed by everyone.

Why is the pre-cruise price different to the onboard price?

P&O Cruises are offering guests the opportunity to purchase drinks packages before they go on holiday via My P&O Cruises, at a 10% discount on the full retail price. SO it is cheaper to buy the drinks package before you go!

Can you still purchase products outside of the package?

Yes, guests who have a Classic or Deluxe Package can purchase drinks outside of the package with a 20% discount on the full price of the product.

Are the wine packages still available to purchase?

Yes, they are.

What happens if you have purchased pre-cruise an Ultimate/NonAlcoholic or Children’s package prior to the new go live dates?

Guests who had previously purchased a drinks package via My P&O Cruises will automatically receive an improved new package at no extra cost. This will have been communicated to guests via an email:

Children`s Drinks Package – Refresh Drinks Package
Non-Alcoholic Drinks Package – Alcohol Free Drinks Package
Ultimate Drinks Package – Deluxe Drinks Package

The original packages will continue to show under ‘My Orders’ in My P&O Cruises; this will be taken care of on board.

If you purchase a package via My P&O Cruises, will I have to visit a bar to receive a sticker?

If pre purchased your package via My P&O Cruises, you will no longer need to visit a designated bar venue to receive a sticker on your cruise card and sign P&O’s terms and conditions. Instead, this will be processed, charged and the sticker applied to your cruise card before it is left outside the cabin. You will also receive a copy of the terms and conditions and the list of included products. 


We hope you have found this useful, legacy information is still available on our website:

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